Welcome to the EQ.org Library!
As a member of Six Seconds’ community, you have access to resources, webinars, and Self-Science lessons from the library.

Resources include presentation slides, handouts, videos and similar materials to use in your work advocating & sharing EQ.

Webinars include ‘how to’ training, insights, support for your professional development as an EQ practitioner.

Self-Science Lessons include social-emotional learning activities for schools. If you hold an active EQ Educator Certification 3, then you will have access to the complete Self-Science curriculum.

Access Requirements
Various materials are available in the library depending on your membership in EQ.org and your Six Seconds’ certifications. view your membership level and upgrade to Gold for the greatest access.

Please DO share these resources in your work subject to the terms of the Certification License (6sec.org/certlicense). Please do NOT repost or share these materials electronically for others to download and use unless you have written permission (contact [email protected]).

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