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Swiss Army EQ Tools: The Ultimate Guide to the Usage and Applications of the Six Seconds EQ Tools

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How do Six Seconds' emotional intelligence assessment tools work? Which tools work best for what situations? Join this EQ Pro session to dive into the complete toolset to measure what matters... and get more accurate insights and faster project planning and proposal creation: 1) How to navigate the complexity of the Six Seconds toolkit 2) Share examples and real-world use cases 3) Group sharing with a network of EQ professionals with tricks and tips from the field About the presenter: Blending both “sides of the brain,” Tom brings the logic of management engineering and a passion for connecting with people to develop simply powerful tools that measure what matters. Tom has a unique background with an MBA in Management Engineering, a unique program about business management and applied engineering. He brings together technical know-how and business logic to create innovative solutions and powerful tools to connect people and boost organizational performance. He leads “Design Engineering” at Six Seconds, in charge of the research and development of our world class assessments including specialized custom assessment tools with our Preferred Partners.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

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This animated video provides illustrations for world renowned psychologist Carol Dweck's TED talk about fixed versus growth mindsets - and the fascinating research behind it all.